What is the Independent Workforce?

Here at IWORK we champion all forms of independent working, but what the heck does that even mean?

For us, an independent worker is anyone that works but is not permanently employed. This means temporary workers, gig economy workers, self employed people, freelancers and contractors.

Almost a quarter of the UK’s workforce are independent (i.e. not permanent employees) and they are the lifeblood of all industries. From temps who provide vital support when needed, to self-employed freelancers bringing their skills to businesses, to consultants and interims working on projects, to entrepreneurs and disrupters. They work on an as needed basis, meaning that once the job is done there is no obligation for more work to be offered.

Why champion independent working?

There are potential tax and legal complications associated with being an independent worker, which means it’s all too easy to be exploited. That’s why we bring you all the knowledge you need to thrive as part of the UK’s independent workforce.

Whatever it is that you’re doing, if you’re working independently then we’re here to support you.

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