Better hiring institute

Better Hiring Institute Launches

Today saw the launch of the Better Hiring Institute, a brand new joint initiative between the UK government and industry.  The organisation aims to ensure safe recruitment in all UK sectors by developing best practice, streamlining and modernising the recruitment process.

The Better Hiring Institute is championing digital solutions to enable truly remote recruitment, including digital standardised referencing, open banking, digital right to work checks, education credentialing, and digital identity.

The new website is now available and has free information on:

  • campaigns and projects related to the labour market;
  • best practice resources and advice for companies hiring staff;
  • industry specific information on employee screening.

UK Government aspires to have a modern agile labour market which is built on strong foundations, and The Better Hiring Institute exists to transform the fundamental processes within the labour market.

Julia Kermode from IWORK attended the launch event and said:

“This is a fantastic initiative which brings together all the many stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, and unites everyone with a common goal of ensuring safe recruitment.  Here at IWORK we have seen a startling increase in recruitment-related scams targeting job seekers during the last year and we wholeheartedly support anything which will raise standards and get rid of the crooks.”

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