Catch Us on Clubhouse: How to SMASH Your Job Interview

We’ve been experimenting with Clubhouse which is a fantastic place to pick up loads of expert advice on a huge variety of different topics.  We’re passionate about helping our community of independent workers (temps, gig workers, freelancers, contractors) so we’ve decided to bring you some drop-in sessions on Clubhouse.  You’ll hear from us and our specially chosen experts chatting about different topics, and will be able to ask us questions to get our advice there & then.  We’ve got lots of exciting content planned for you!

We’re kicking off on Friday 12 March 2021 at midday with one of our favourite extended team, the Interview Cheerleader Tamzin Louise, to talk about how to SMASH your next job interview.  Tamzin recently appeared on one of our most popular podcasts, and last week was alongside James Reed in a webinar for Keeping Britain Working.  We’re delighted to work with Tamzin as she has bags of expertise from both sides of the interview table, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge to support YOU and your success.

In case you’re not sure what Clubhouse is, it’s a live audio form of social media built around “drop-in chat” and is an opportunity to listen to and interact with a mind-blowing range of topics – from DJ nights and live comedy to political debate and career workshops, it’s got everything.  Join our session on Friday here.


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