CEOs Should Apply For A Job At Their Own Company!

“Once per year, every CEO should apply to a job at their own company under a different name to see how maddening the process is for candidates.”

This sentence sparked some 69k reactions after it was posted on LinkedIn last week by Chris Bakke, founder and CEO at  In response to many questions, he confirmed “yes, I’ve done this process at my last three companies and it was really insightful.”

Lauren Dohr, a digital marketing specialist commented: “We actually tested how long it would take for me to get through the process for my own position. We designed the resume to match the job description based on the programs we use and I didn’t even get through the AI.”  Cue lots of discussion about the value of AI and applicant tracking systems.

Comments outlined shortcomings of recruitment processes including “where you have to create an account, fill in tons of information that is in the resume already etc. What I prefer is a simple email application with a resume including some references. Face-to-face meeting or video call as second step.”

In one particularly dire example, a candidate was subject to a 6-7 month process with 13 interviews!  Someone else commented that they had an interview “with someone who wanted to know my exact birth date to understand where I aligned astrologically and therefore if I would be a ‘good fit’.  If I hadn’t been in a tight situation, I would have walked away.”

We all know that we’re currently in a candidate-led market currently, so it’s critical to ensure your recruitment processes don’t work against you.  We have brought you just a snapshot of some of the comments, there’s plenty more insights from real jobseekers experience in the thread.

We loved reading the thread because we know from talking to contractors and jobseekers how frustrating recruitment can be from their perspective.  So yes please, all CEOs should regularly apply to work at their company!

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