FCSA Quizzed About Recent Cyber-Attacks On Umbrellas

An All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs has written to FCSA seeking assurances regarding the recent cyber-attacks that have hit a minority of FCSA members.  The Loan Charge & Taxpayer Fairness APPG letter, dated 24 January 2022, is in relation to ongoing correspondence about FCSA’s Charter, and the concluding paragraph states:

Lastly we note with concern, the several reports of FCSA accredited companies being hit with cyberattacks, that have been raised with us. Considering that many UK workers are reliant on their livelihoods by being paid by umbrella companies, who hold confidential data, including bank account details and other sensitive details, this is hugely worrying. Considering this and the huge sums involved overall, this is surely another reason why regulation of the market, something that the FCSA has told us it supports, happens as soon as possible. Can you say what assurances you can give that FCSA members are doing all they can to rectify this, as well as to reassure workers that their data has not been compromised.

FCSA had previously issued a statement in relation to the cyber attacks on 14 January 2022, but the APPG presumably felt this was inadequate, and we will keep you informed of any further assurances that are published.

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