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Freelancing Is A Win:Win

We often hear headlines about the “great resignation” and the “war for talent” which combined with increasing numbers of job vacancies mean that freelancing can be a win:win for both businesses and self-employed freelancers.

Firms that are struggling to recruit permanent staff are turning to freelancers and contractors to provide the talent and resources they need on an interim basis.  In fact, in their annual survey Worksome found an increase in demand for almost half (45%) of freelancers across the UK and US on its books in 2021.

In addition, more people have turned to freelancing as an alternative to employment, with flexibility being the main motivation for doing so – even more important than money.  Not only that, 72% of respondents said they are happier as freelancers than they were before.   Also, “purpose” was also listed as a top freelance factor with 66 percent saying doing work that matters is a top benefit of freelancing.

Worryingly, freelancers who were older than 50 also said they faced age-discrimination, with nearly a quarter saying they had challenges finding work because of their age.  This type of prejudice is rife within the jobs market for employees too, but that does not make it acceptable.  Other difficulties faced by freelancers include finding the right jobs, setting rates, and navigating complex tax and accounting processes.

Overall, the benefits of freelancing far outweigh any downsides making it a win:win for both individuals and the businesses that engage them.

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