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Hirers Deterred By Candidates’ Messy Rooms

A new study by BT has found the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lasting impact on the recruitment process.  The majority (58%) of those polled said that a messy backdrop would deter them from hiring an otherwise perfect candidate, and almost a third (28%) admitted that they had not hired someone due to the background of a candidate’s online interview.

Due to the pandemic, job seekers have had, on average, three virtual interviews during lockdown, with most interviews now conducted via video (56%).  Remote interviews are reportedly likely to remain the new normal, as 42% of interviewers want this to continue after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Interviewers will not be put off by the decor, shape or size of the room you are interviewed online within, but BT’s data shows that they will be put off by untidiness.  Whilst this obviously doesn’t affect how well you might do in a job, it does however indicate a lack of care and attention which could have been avoided.  In a job interview situation, the last thing candidates should do is give the recruiters any reason for not hiring them.

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