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HMRC’s Self-Assessment Backlog

If, like most people, you haven’t yet submitted your annual self-assessment (due by 31 January 2022) then you may want to know that HMRC currently has a backlog of admin relating to this important task.  There are delays in HMRC processing the following:

  • Registrations for self assessment;
  • Applications to authorise an agent to deal with your tax;
  • Amendments to self assessment returns;
  • Repayments of corporation and income tax.

HMRC has said that it is “on track to have cleared all outstanding SA registration requests next month, in good time for the SA deadline at the end of January”.

According to accountancy professional body ICAEW, online applications are being processed within 10 working days so, where possible, this is the preferred option.  Where a taxpayer has been previously registered for SA, their account can be reactivated by phoning HMRC.

In our opinion here at IWORK, it is unacceptable to have these delays so close to the annual return deadline, and we understand that HMRC is doing everything possible to rectify the situation.  We strongly recommend that anyone due to submit their first annual return should get started as early as possible.  If you haven’t already registered for self-assessment please do so immediately!  It’s straight forward and can be done online here.


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