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Holiday Campaign Launched #doyougetyours

IWORK and Contractor Voice have launched a campaign to raise awareness that thousands of temporary workers and umbrella contractors are missing out on their statutory right to paid holiday.

Legal right to paid holiday

The working time directive states that all UK workers are entitled to receive 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually.  The statutory right applies equally to employees, temporary workers and contractors, even though the latter two are not permanent employees.

How it works for temps and contractors (i.e. non-employees)

Temps and contractors typically work short-term assignments at numerous different client businesses, and accrue paid holiday during these working periods.  The rate that is paid for the temps/contractors is usually increased to take account of the holiday accrued.  In practice, the accrued holiday money is put to one side (by their recruitment agency or umbrella company) for claiming when the individual wants to take paid holiday.

So why aren’t temps and contractors receiving paid holiday?

Firstly, many people are simply unaware that they should be receiving paid holiday!  Secondly, it can be difficult to claim holiday depending on the rules of the agency or umbrella that they work through.  In reality most of agencies and umbrellas do not prevent their workers receiving their holiday, the worker just has to request it.  That’s why our social media campaign asks #doyougetyours to make people aware of their right, so that they at least have a chance to #askforitgetit.

Our timing is deliberate to coincide with the start of school holidays as taking time off will be a priority for lots of people.  The harsh reality is that whilst kids are getting their annual holiday, their parents and guardians may not be getting the paid time off that they’re entitled to.

How you can help

We would love your help in spreading awareness of holiday entitlement, so please follow us on social media, like and share our posts.  If you are an umbrella or recruitment agency you can respond to our posts and publicly pledge to always give workers what is owed to them – using the hashtags #wegiveyouyours and #fairholiday to show your support.  Both of the umbrella industry accreditations, FCSA and Professional Passport, have already confirmed they support our campaign, so why not add your voice too.


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