IWORK Launches New Service for Independent Workers

A new service for all contingent workers – agency workers, temps, gig workers, freelancers and contractors – is launching today.  Following the success of IWORK’s podcasts and other information resources, independent workers have been increasingly seeking recommendations of firms that can assist them in other areas such as banking, accountancy and umbrella firms.

In order to meet this demand, IWORK is delighted to announce a new extended community of trusted partners who are ethical and put workers best interests at the heart of their services.

Since launching a few months ago, IWORK received many requests from businesses wanting to work in partnership, and given the reciprocal demand from workers the time is right to launch this exciting new initiative.  It’s a logical next step as IWORK continues to grow it’s authority as the voice of the UK’s army of independent workers.

Commenting on the development, Paul Malley, MD of PayStream said: “We are delighted to partner with IWORK as we share both common values and a commitment to educate and support the independent workforce.  Julia has always been a passionate advocate for the importance of this workforce and we are therefore keen to support this initiative.”

Reflecting on IWORK’s journey to date, founder Julia Kermode said: “The pandemic has forced many people to consider new ways of working, such as gig working, temping, or becoming self-employed, and through IWORK I empower them and prevent exploitation.

“My approach has always been inclusive, and I will work with any organisation that is likeminded, ethical and genuinely wants to make a positive difference to these workers.  For me it’s all about supporting independent workers to be successful in whatever they do, and we are already seeing how important this is to the UK’s economic recovery.”

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