Jobs of the Future Are Already Here

According to an article published on the World Economic Forum, ‘Jobs of the Future’ have arrived early and are already here.  The top 10 emerging professions are:

  1. Work from Home Facilitator
  2. Fitness Commitment Counsellor
  3. Smart Home Design Manager
  4. XR Immersion Counsellor
  5. Workplace Environment Architect
  6. Algorithm Bias Auditor
  7. Data Detective
  8. Cyber Calamity Forecaster
  9. Tidewater Architect
  10. Human-Machine Teaming Manager

As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, the World Economic Forum also predicts how our workplaces could be impacted.  It seems almost inevitable that remote working is here to stay, although businesses and their employees need to be aware of the potential downsides which include risk of burnout, impact on mental health and feeling isolated from the wider team.  On the plus side, remote working broadens the potential pool of employees to include those previously unable to commute to the office, and these dynamics mean the role of HR is likely to be increasingly important in the coming years.

Other predictions include the green revolution as firms look to mitigate their environmental impact, the gig economy continuing to thrive, and the importance of automation and AI.  These trends are all reflected in the top 10 list of future jobs which have already arrived, and as the world adjusts post-COVID it seems inevitable that technology will play a vital role in the shape of things to come.


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