Kermode Breaks Silence Regarding Bullying Behemoth, Workwell

Regular readers of IWORK will know that an article was recently published, along with accompanying evidence, regarding Workwell (previously JSA) refusing to pay a contractor accrued but unpaid holiday pay.

Today, as readers can see from the communications provided, IWORK founder Julia Kermode reveals she has been subject to a campaign of bullying by the industry behemoth as a result of that article – based on evidence previously and bravely made public by Contractor Voice – despite significant and very critical social media commentary on the story prior to IWORK’s article and since it.


Before receiving a legal letter, Julia was initially contacted via email by Workwell, to which she responded within 3 hours offering it an opportunity to put their side of the story which would be published in full.  She sent her email in good faith, however no response was ever received.

Instead, Julia received a solicitor’s letter 48 hours later.  The 8-page letter required a response within 24 hours of receipt, and states “not for publication”.  There has followed some back and forth with JMW Solicitors in which Julia reiterated her offer to discuss the situation with Workwell, and publish a response in full, offers which seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

It’s a mystery

The reasons why Workwell have not engaged with Julia directly are a mystery considering she knows many of their staff well, including those at a senior level.  It is also a mystery why Workwell chose to send a statement to ContractorUK but not send the same to IWORK, despite written agreement just hours beforehand to circulate any such response in full.

Based on enquiries made by her, perhaps the biggest mystery of all is why Julia appears to be the only commentator to receive legal correspondence despite the fact that she was not the source of the allegations against Workwell, and despite the fact that many others have made far more inciteful and critical public comments on the matter.  This action could suggest that Julia has been singled out to be personally victimised and bullied.

So, in an act of courage and determination not to be bullied, Julia is now publishing all of the correspondence in full so that readers can judge for themselves.

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