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Latest Additions To HMRC’s Tax Avoidance List

HMRC have just published an updated list of ‘named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers’.  There are four new additions:

  1. Countrywide Partners Limited
  2. Industria PAYE Limited
  3. Pure Invoicing Limited
  4. U R Group Limited

There are now 11 companies on the list in total, and the latter 3 added today (Industria, Pure and UR) are in the process of insolvency.

Recruitment agencies and end-clients should be paying attention to this list, and should be worried if any names are familiar.  In particular, the ‘tax avoidance’ firms listed who are in the insolvency process means there is an opportunity for HMRC to pursue others in the supply chain for any unrecovered liabilities due.

In addition, the Criminal Finances Act  means that agencies or other intermediaries could potentially be found guilty of failing to prevent tax evasion by the companies on the list.  Ignorance is no defence and won’t stop anyone found guilty facing a potentially unlimited fine, criminal record and untold reputational damage.

Protect yourself from becoming unknowingly victim to a scheme by always doing your own due diligence when choosing an ‘umbrella’ or other payment company.  Don’t just rely on agency PSLs or recommendations as these might not actually be in your best interests.

Given the regular updates to HMRC’s list, anyone running such schemes should definitely be worried!

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