More influential MPs rally to support the “forgotten” groups

The Treasury Select Committee (who’s role is to examine expenditure, administration and policy of HM Treasury and HMRC) has today issued a damning report on economic analysis of coronavirus and the gaps in support that continue to exclude some taxpayers from financial assistance.  Several conclusions of the report are openly critical of the government’s approach and total lack of action to address the disparities:

  • “Given the extended duration of coronavirus restrictions, the government was wrong not to address gaps in support”
  •  “By conspicuously leaving out a large proportion of limited company directors, the government is sending out the wrong message – that it is not adequately supporting entrepreneurs”
  •  “When responding to this report, the Treasury should provide an assessment of the level of fraud which it believes would arise from the implementation of the proposed DISS policy.” 
  • “We are disappointed that the Government has so far shown no inclination to expand or provide alternatives to the SEISS, which is not available to all those whom we believe should qualify.”

Here at IWORK, we have been supportive of the various forgotten and excluded groups from the start, and it is positive to see mounting pressure on the government to take some action.  We’ve had reports from the Public Accounts Committee, several from the Treasury Select Committee, evidence from the Gaps In Support All Party Parliamentary Group, and alternative policies proposed.  Surely it is becoming increasingly likely that the government will be forced to listen and take action?

You can read the full report here

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