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No Incentive To Work Over Christmas

The vast majority (74%) of workers report that they are not offered any incentive to work over the Christmas period according to a survey by online job site CV Library.  They went on to ask what the pros and cons of working over the Christmas period were and can reveal:  

Worst things about working over Christmas (based on top 3 answers)  

  • 77% Missing out on spending time with family and friends  
  • 22% Missing out on Christmas parties  
  • 22% Having to stay in the festive spirit, even though you’d rather be at home  
  • 20% Irritable/stressed customers and clients  
  • 17% Working longer hours  

Best things about working over Christmas (based on top 3 answers)  

  • 40% Christmas bonuses  
  • 33% Christmas music  
  • 28% A more relaxed working environment  
  • 25% Staff social events  
  • 23.4% Jolly customers  

Another thing that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is the popular tradition of Secret Santa.  Only 27% of professionals say they will be playing the game in their workplace this year, with 23% admitting they did used to, but have stopped since the onset of the pandemic.  


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