Pandemic-related shift in the skills needed for workers to thrive

HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today released the results of its Workforce Evolution Study which surveyed 6,000 office workers on how they are adapting to accelerated changes, and found that the pandemic has caused a shift in the skills needed for workers to thrive.

According to the research, respondents feel the need to upskill but don’t feel supported by employers:

  • 1 in 4 say “My employer has not provided me with ANY resources to assist me with the transition to the new ways of working due to the COVID 19 pandemic”
  • 40% of European employees are seeking out online courses to learn a brand new skill
  • 35% Say they would consider starting their own business in the future as a result of learning new skills during this new way of working
  • 60% feel it is important to be learning new skills to remain competitive in their industry
  • In the UK, 70% believe that companies are responsible for providing employees with the trainings that they need, the highest of all markets

In the face of decreased job security, HP’s study identifies a new trend in the rise of the “Empowered Employee” – office workers who are retraining themselves with the skills needed to succeed beyond their current roles.  60% agree that learning new skills is essential to remaining competitive in their industry – with 35% looking to boost their tech knowledge and 31% honing leadership skills.

With that in mind, two in five people across Europe are now more motivated to pursue their personal passion as a career and 1 in 3 would even consider starting their own business thanks to learning new skills during the pandemic. 40% across Europe have taken it upon themselves to learn these new skills through online programmes, however in the UK 70% of people believe that their employer should provide the additional training – but 37% of those surveyed confirm that their employer has deprioritised training efforts.

You can read the full report here

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