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Platform And Gig Economy Research – Your Help Needed!

Politicians, platforms, companies and the media are constantly talking about the growing phenomenon that is the gig economy and platform work.  For some this represents the glorious, Utopian future of freedom, choice and opportunity.  For others it represents a nightmare mix of precarious work, low incomes and vulnerability.

The debate is missing YOUR voice, we need to hear from the very people who experience gigs and platform working for themselves.  There are disputes about what the gig economy refers to, what is the platform economy and, more importantly, there are very few hard facts and figures available which quantify this phenomenon.

That’s why our friends over at Free Trade Europa want you to participate in their Future of Work Study which aims to create the first comprehensive analysis of gig work and earnings in Europe.  The research will hold a mirror up to the realities of working in this space, and your help is needed!

Taking part will make a difference and is easy.  Simply email


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