Public sector recruitment to drive recovery from pandemic

According to The Times (Saturday 02/01/21), the Prime Minister has promised a big public sector recruitment drive to help the economy recover from the pandemic.  Government figures suggest that good progress on recruitment was made last year:

  • There are 299,184 nurses, an increase of 13,313 over the last year
  • There are 122,446 doctors, with an increase of 6,030 hired by last September
  • Police officers rose by 6,000 and there are plans to recruit 20,000 more during this parliament
  • Teacher numbers are up with 41,000 trainees recruited last year
  • Border Force staff increased by 900, and a further 1,100 to be hired by July
  • 1,760 prison officers and 443 probation officers were recruited in England and Wales, with plans for a further 3,200 prison and 1,500 probation officers respectively

According to the PM, “2021 will be a year of growth and renewal, and having the very best frontline workers will be a critical part of that.”


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