Uber Recognises GMB Union in Historic Deal

GMB union and Uber have announced a historic trade union recognition deal, meaning that GMB will be able to represent up to 70,000 drivers across the UK.

Drivers will retain the freedom to choose if, when and where they drive whilst also having the choice to be represented by GMB.  This builds on changes made earlier this year which guarantee all drivers at least the National Living Wage (although drivers can and do earn more), holiday pay and a pension plan.

Uber will also support drivers if they choose to sign up as a member of GMB, and union representatives will have a presence in Uber’s driver support hubs to help drive up membership.

Under the landmark agreement, GMB and Uber will work together on a number of key topics including:

  • National earnings principles: Including Uber’s National Living Wage guarantee and holiday pay.
  • Pension: Including how to encourage drivers to enrol and contribute.
  • Discretionary benefits: Including free AXA insurance for sickness and injury, and Uber’s driver loyalty programme.
  • Health, safety and wellbeing: To ensure that drivers are safe when working on the app, including personal safety, road safety and driver well-being.
  • Account deactivations: GMB will play a role representing drivers if they lose access to the Uber app.
  • Representation: GMB and Uber leadership will meet quarterly to discuss driver issues and concerns.
  • Organising drivers: Uber has agreed access rights for GMB representatives at driver hubs to enable them to meet and support drivers.

Uber is the only major private hire operator to offer these protections, and no other operator has followed this move.

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