UK Hiring is Rising Strongly According To LinkedIn Data

The UK hiring rate is rising strongly, and many sectors are now seeing hiring above pre-pandemic levels, according to LinkedIn data.  Hiring has increased 7% month-on-month in June — and is now up 92.6% compared to June of last year.  This is not surprising given the pandemic effectively shut down the recruitment plans of many businesses, however hiring is now exceeding pre-pandemic levels as well, at 15.5% higher than in June 2019.

There seems to be a boom in hiring in many sectors:

  • Construction is up 126.7% on 2020 and 27.4% on 2019;
  • Manufacturing is up 109.9% from last year and 5.5% on 2019;
  • Real estate has seen a 119.2% increase from 2020 and is up 15% from 2019;
  • Recreation and travel has surged 337.7% compared to last year and is up a healthy 11.9% on 2019;
  • Retail has an 84.9% year-on-year increase in the hiring rate and 19.9% increase from 2019.

There are also signs that the jobs market may have changed more permanently due to the pandemic, with the number of remote roles advertised on LinkedIn on the rise across the board.  Sectors with a strong technological nature have seen the most remote roles, e.g. more than one in five (23.1%) roles advertised in IT and software is now remote, compared to 4.2% in June 2020.  There are even remote roles advertised within retail and transport and logistics, compared to a tiny number pre-pandemic.


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