Which Job Roles are Increasing in the UK?

Undoubtedly there have been significant job losses, but the last year has shown people changing career and applying their skills differently as they adapt to new circumstances.  According to latest data from LinkedIn, there has been a rise in certain job categories in direct response to changing consumer behaviour and business needs as a result of COVID-19.  Here is their list of 15 Jobs on the Rise in the UK, ranked by a combination of growth and size of the demand:

  1. E-ecommerce
  2. Healthcare Supporting Staff
  3. Digital Content Freelancers
  4. Construction
  5. Creative Freelancers
  6. Finance
  7. Specialised Medical Professionals
  8. Professional and Personal Coaches
  9. Social Media and Digital Marketing
  10. Customer Service
  11. Education
  12. Mental Health Specialist
  13. Real Estate
  14. Specialised Engineering
  15. Artificial Intelligence

LinkedIn’s analysis also includes the top job titles for each category, the top locations and the top skills being sought. Their full report is worth checking out here.

Jobs on the Rise are defined as the career categories that have seen the highest year-on-year growth rates in hiring, looking at the April 2020 to October 2020 timeframe. LinkedIn’s Economic Graph data scientists looked across 15,000+ job titles to uncover the jobs that have grown the most compared to 2019 levels, those titles were then grouped into overarching career trends that capture as many as 25 job titles within each category. Career trends are ranked using a combination of year-over-year growth rate combined with the raw size of the job demand.

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