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Excellent customer service
Same day payments
Salary sacrifice for pension contributions
Clarity Umbrella Ltd is a UK based PAYE Umbrella Company helping make sense of umbrella pay!

Built with personal customer service and compliance at its core, we promise no-one will ever become “just a number” and we will never knowingly let anyone down!  At the end of the day we are handling your finances, so we know how important umbrella employment is to everyone involved in the supply chain. We ensure great communication to contractors, agencies and end-clients alike and with business foundations built on transparency and honesty, you will always know exactly what you’ll be getting, with no nasty surprises!

Compliance is also top of our priorities, so working via Clarity, we make sure that you sleep easily at night, with no worries that HMRC will come knocking.

About our MD – Lucy Smith
Lucy has worked in the umbrella industry for over 9 years. Much of this time was spent managing one of the most reputable umbrella companies at that time. However, when the decision was made to relocate the business to Hertfordshire in early 2019, Lucy took the opportunity to reconsider her future. Having built some amazing relationships in the industry with agencies, contractors and HMRC, Lucy took the opportunity to return to industry in 2019, with Clarity Umbrella Ltd.

Lucy is a regular contributor on the Contractor UK forums, has sat on HMRC round table events, written for the Financial Times, contributed to government policy documents for umbrella regulations and helped with guidance for The Low Income Tax Reform Group. Lucy is also the founder of the AUCAE website; a site which provides resources for contractors and agencies working with umbrella companies in the UK.

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T: 01473 845 835

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