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Fair Pay Services is one of the UK’s most cost-effective payroll partners for contractors, agencies and end-hirers. We offer a complete range of payroll models including PAYE Umbrella, PEO, CIS and PAYE bureau services. We work across all sectors of the UK recruitment market, wherever there is a need for contractors or temporary workers.

Under our PAYE Umbrella and PEO models, all workers are fully employed by us with all contract income subject to UK PAYE taxes and NIC’s. This ensures that our employees are provided with continuity, stability and protection through any series of assignments as well as full employment rights and dedicated HR support. 

  • We automatically add all employees to our amazing benefits package - Flexr Rewards - at no cost.  This features thousands of perks, discounts and cashback deals that range from great price cinema tickets, supermarket discounts, and money off at hundreds of coffee shops, restaurants and more!  These have been handpicked to offer real world savings and value!
  • All employees are automatically covered by our £25,000 Personal Accident Insurance policy, covering them at work, commuting to and from work, and even whilst working from home!
  • All eligible driving employees are covered by our £10,000 Drivers Negligence Insurance.
  • All eligible employees are enrolled into our auto-enrolment pension scheme and we also offer a salary sacrifice pension scheme for even greater tax efficiencies if required.

Our user friendly Android and iOS smartphone apps, together with dedicated online portals ensure that employees, contractors and their agencies or end-hirers can easily submit timesheet data with invoicing and payroll processed daily.  Automation and a sophisticated suite of processing technologies deliver all this at a competitive price point.

Special offer for IWORK users;

  • 10% discount on our standard weekly or monthly margin

Please click here to request a net pay example and click here to join today online!

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