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53 High Street,
Cleobury Mortimer,
DY14 8DQ.
Joined September 2021
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Whether you're a contractor looking for a reputable payroll provider or a staffing business searching for a professional and reliable umbrella company, Mortimer Childe is the perfect option for you.  Our market leading PAYE umbrella service gives contractors the independence of being an interim professional whilst enjoying all the benefits of being an employee. 

Our employees receive the highest standards of service from a dedicated team who handle all aspects of their contractual administration, making their contracting life as easy as possible. By operating multiple pay runs each day, we make sure payments are made quickly, accurately and compliantly. 

Whilst we have many values that are central to the way we operate, we place customer service and operational compliance at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that the staffing businesses we work with place their trust in us to ensure their contractor personnel receive a professional, efficient service and are paid on time, every time. And that's exactly what we do, leaving you to focus on the key aspects of your job knowing your contractors are in good hands. 

As an integral component in the contractor supply chain, we believe it is important that our processes are aligned to the businesses practices of our clients, allowing us to work in partnership and add real value to the organisations we work with. 

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