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Oasis Accountants, Office Gold, Building 3, Chiswick Business Park,
Greater London,
Joined October 2021
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About Oasis Umbrella

Same day payments
Excellent customer service
Integrates with accounting packages

Oasis Umbrella offers comprehensive and hassle-free solution to all the employees willing to commence their short term contractual journey. Our knowledge and experience allow the freelancers to work in a safe atmosphere with all the professional benefits. Our team at Oasis Umbrella strive to offer unparalleled services to all the employees who work independently.   

Benefits of working with Oasis Umbrella:
-Quick & Hassle-free set up

-No joining or leaving fees

-Your own dedicated point of contact / Account Manager

-Statutory Payments

-Bespoke Calculation

- Compliant Take Home

- Reasonable Processing Fee

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