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PayePass Software Solutions provides a unique approach to umbrella payroll compliance with its focus on analysing and auditing the entire payroll run for every umbrella contractor from the moment every payment is received by an umbrella company through to when all outgoing payments are made for salaries and deductions.

It is the only solution available for umbrella companies that will demonstrate to their entire supply chain and HMRC that all salaries, deductions and payments have been correctly calculated and actually paid to all intended parties. 

PayePass is not just about providing payroll software for umbrella companies and their contractors. Employment businesses and end-clients also benefit from an association with a PayePass umbrella client when they display a PayePass Verify Award.

PayePass understands that ensuring all payroll calculations, deductions and payments are correct and demonstrating this to contractors, HMRC and the supply chain can be challenging.

How can they be confident that they are 100% accurate? A Verify Award following a successful PayePass audit is the solution.

Ensuring that correct payroll deductions (income tax, national insurance and holiday pay etc.) and payments are being made is a huge responsibility. Only PayePass has the solutions to remove any element of doubt.

With PayePass undertaking an independent audit of the entire payroll functions using our Verify Module, clients of PayePass will be able to verify:

  • An independent audit by regulated professionals
  • Verification of their payroll calculations and payments 
  • Verification of their payroll functions for established relationships
  • Verification of their payroll functions for prospective relationships 
  • Continuous improvement in business practice and payroll processing

When an umbrella company displays the PayePass Verify Award, it's a guarantee that our internal team of lawyers, accountants and payroll experts have verified that is has correctly calculated every salary and paid HMRC exactly what is due to it. 

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