003: What happens when it goes wrong? Sharing Kelly’s story to inspire others

In this hard-hitting episode we talk to serial-entrepreneur Kelly Forrester about her experience of what happens when it goes wrong and you lose your business.  Learn from Kelly’s experience so that you can avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.  Our chat digs deep as we talk about the impact on Kelly personally of going against her values and beliefs, and what it was like to be a confident leader now crumbled.

We talk about dealing with press attacks, the shame of losing your business, the numbness and the guilt.  We talk about some of the things that went wrong, and the practical process of liquidation.  Kelly shares how she got through this extremely difficult time when she couldn’t see any positives, how she regained her confidence and self-belief.  She shares her experience and some of her key lessons so that you might not have the same experience.  Hear Kelly’s brutally honest story and understand how it is okay for a business to fail.

About Kelly Forrester

Kelly is a Resilience and Growth Leader, she talks about “stuff” most others don’t talk about, essential “stuff”.  She is a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, and is one half of Over the Edge business and entrepreneurship community.  Her business provides development, coaching and mentorship, in Kelly’s words “we kick your butt”.

She is also one half of podcast Entrepreneur Truths podcast which gets under the skin of entrepreneurship, dealing with adversity, inspiring others.  Her podcast digs deep to strip back layers and see what works to nurture success, and how sharing that can help others.

Contact details

Website: We Are Over the Edge

Facebook: WeAreOverTheEdge


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