008: Having the confidence to raise your profile and get yourself out there

In this episode we’re talking to former BBC journalist and TV Presenter, Penny Haslam, about how to get yourself out there.  Once you’ve set up your self-employed business you probably want it to be known and trusted, and building your own profile is one way to do that.  But it isn’t easy to have the confidence to get yourself out there, and that is why I wanted to talk to Penny, to share her ideas and experience of what works.

We all need confidence in what we’re doing, it helps you to play big in the world, walk tall, say what you mean and overcome imposter syndrome.  But it can be difficult to have that unwavering faith in yourself and deal with negative self-talk which trips most of us up regularly.  Let this episode help you change the script, literally.  Join us to learn about the principles you can use to get yourself out there, and enjoy doing it!

About Penny

Penny Haslam is a former BBC business journalist, who was a regular presenter on national television and radio – her credits include BBC Breakfast, News Channel, PanoramaRadio 4 and Radio 5Live. As well as coaching and training clients of Bit Famous, she is a professional motivational speaker on the topics of visibility and confidence. Penny is the author of the business book Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous

Contact Penny

Twitter: @PennyHaslam

Linkedin: pennyhaslam

Facebook: pennyhaslam

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