013 How to get started in social media

Following on from episode 12 which introduces marketing strategy, today we’re diving into social media, and how on earth to get started with it.  It can be daunting so we’re joined by marketing whizz Amanda Davies, who has over 20 years experience that she shares to help us get started.  We cover all the hot topics including:

  • What are “stories” and how should you use them
  • Authenticity and why it matters
  • How to start creating engaging content
  • Times of day to post, and has the pandemic changed things
  • What’s a hashtag and how do they work

This is a brilliant episode that will demystify social media and enable you to start creating relevant content to promote your business.

During the interview, we refer to a free resource, “75 Ideas of Things to Post on Social Media” which can be downloaded here

About Amanda Davies

A freelance marketeer combined with several years experience leading a business makes Amanda the perfect person to give practical advice on effective marketing.  She has a hands-on approach covering all marketing specialties and she is passionate about helping businesses succeed.  You can contact her here:


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