014 Going Freelance as an Introvert in an Extrovert’s World

We all know it takes courage to go it alone and set up in business working for yourself, especially if you’ve previously been an employee.  But what if you’re an introvert, does that affect your ability to go freelance and succeed?  To find out more, we chat to Caroline Joynson, a self-confessed introvert, about her experience of setting up her freelance PR business some 7 years ago.  Not only did she work in an extrovert’s career, PR, she bravely took the plunge and shares her secrets of success with us.  We talk about:

  • Having a successful career in PR, a traditionally extrovert sector
  • The impact of being made redundant from her job
  • How Caroline decided to go it alone in the first place
  • How she overcame shyness and top tips for listeners

On meeting Caroline, you would never guess that she was once so shy that she wouldn’t order her own food in a restaurant.  Join us to hear Caroline’s story of overcoming hurdles and successfully working for herself.

About Caroline Joynson

After 20 years in PR, Caroline set up her own business which helps passion-led entrepreneurs with PR, visibility and story-telling so they can stand out from the crowd.  She can help you to get known, get noticed and make a bigger impact.

You can contact Caroline here:


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