014 Nailing A Presentation At A Job Interview

Following on from our last episode on job interview skills, today we’re looking specifically at how to nail a presentation during a job interview.  To help us we’re talking to Catherine Sandland, who coaches aspiring TEDx talk speakers and is herself a successful TEDx talk presenter.  So if you’ve got a job interview coming up which includes a presentation, whether it’s for your dream job or more of a stop-gap role, you will want to present clearly and confidently.  Catherine talks us through how you might approach it, including:

  • The first thing to do when you’ve been given a presentation to prepare
  • How to be engaging when presenting online vs in person
  • Common mistakes that people tend make
  • Dealing with nerves

Listen in to give yourself the best chance of success!

About Catherine Sandland

“Presenting Queen” Catherine specialises in moving people from panic to poise when it comes to how their present themselves and their business.  She understands how vital it is to be able to communicate confidently and effectively if you want to develop and grow your organisation.  And if you want to make things happen.  She’s been helping leaders, managers, business owners, trainers and consultants with their communications, and specifically presentation skills for over 21 years.

You can contact Catherine here:


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