015 Routes to Market – Different Types of Contracts With Recruitment Agencies

If you’re completely new to finding work via a recruitment agency then you can be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the various contractual options you might be offered.  There is a confusing array of choice, and each one has different tax and employment rights implications.  To bring some clarity to a very confusing subject, we talk to legal and compliance consultant Bernie Payne, who has many years experience of the recruitment sector.  We uncover:

  • Why both employment status and tax status is important;
  • What is agency PAYE and why might you want to choose it;
  • Why you might want to consider being engaged via an umbrella;
  • The pros and cons of being a sole-trader seeking work via a recruitment agency;
  • Working via your own limited company, aka personal service company;
  • Circumstances when you might be directly engaged by the client hiring you.

This is such an important topic to understand as it’s ultimately your choice and the pros and cons of each vary considerably.  With Bernie Payne’s expertise we simplify all the options for you so that you are empowered to make the best choice for you.  Enjoy!

About Bernie Payne

Bernie Payne is a proactive, commercially-focused professional with over 20 years’ expertise in legal, commercial, compliance and project management roles. She provides businesses with advice and support that reflects the ‘real world’ and has specialist expertise in recruitment.  You can find out more about Bernie here:

You can contact Bernie here:


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