019 Umbrellas In-Depth Part 2: Report by LITRG

In the second of a two-part special we chat to Meredith McCammond from the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG), as she’s the lead-author of a newly published in-depth report examining the UK’s umbrella industry.  The report pulls together data from lots of different sources and provides an independent overview of the sector.  LITRG’s research included talking with sector experts, reviewing umbrella company offerings and posts in contractor forums and mining the group’s own query database for evidence.

The resulting report explores the benefits and complexities of umbrella companies.  In today’s chat, we’re covering:

  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and interaction with umbrellas;
  • Government’s (lack of) progress towards regulating the umbrella sector;
  • Disguised remuneration schemes;
  • Umbrellas and the construction sector;
  • New and evolving umbrella models.

If you missed part 1, you can listen to it here:

Meredith is a Chartered Tax Advisor and has been with LITRG 8 years. Prior to LITRG, Meredith was with a Big 4 firm specialising in expat tax.  As a Technical Officer at LITRG she has specialist knowledge about issues affecting agency workers, intermediaries, umbrellas, payroll, gig economy and false self-employment.  She volunteers for TaxAid.


Download the LITRG report here.

Contact the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group via these links:


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