025 What is ‘Employment Status’ and Why Does It Matter?

No doubt you will have heard about the Uber case, and several others that have cropped up recently in the gig economy.  These all centre around the common theme of workers disputing their employment status and seeking certain statutory rights.  If you are a temporary worker, do you know what your employment status is?  Do you know that it might differ depending on whether a recruitment agency engages you, or whether you work through an umbrella?

It’s important because your employment status confers certain statutory rights that you are entitled to receive.  To demystify this subject, we brought in employment law expert Paul Chamberlain, who very kindly talked us through employment status and why it matters.   It’s well worth a listen to find out:

  • The different types of employment status;
  • Different statutory rights for different statuses;
  • Likely statuses that temporary and agency workers might have;
  • Rationale behind several employment tribunal cases in the gig economy;
  • What should you look out for in relation to your employment status?

Let us simplify quite a complex subject – just 20 minutes of your time could prevent you being ripped off!

About Paul Chamberlain

Paul is head of JMW Solicitors employment team in Manchester, and he has some 30 years employment law experience.  He has a particular interest in, and nationally recognised expertise in, the law relating to the recruitment industry.  Paul has significant experience in advising and providing training in employment status issues, Agency Workers’ Regulations, GLAA matters, Working Time Regulations and recruitment industry-specific regulatory matters.

Connect with Paul Chamberlain:      Check out JMW Solicitors website:    And their

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