028 New Tax Compliance Check For Taxi Drivers

In July 2021 HMRC announced that taxi drivers must pass a tax compliance test in order to renew their taxi / private hire driver licences.  Of course the new tax compliance check will affect thousands of self-employed taxi and private hire drivers so we wanted to find out more about the likely impact.  To help us understand a bit more, today we’re chatting with Johnny Munro from Bolt, one of Europe’s fastest growing transport platforms with (amongst other things) an app that enables people to hail rides.

Join us to understand about the new tax compliance checks and what it might mean for you, including:

  • The overall purpose of the tax compliance checks and who it is intended to affect;
  • What you can expect if you are affected;
  • Potential downsides to the new regime;
  • Steps that platform businesses are taking to support their self-employed drivers;
  • What next and likely timing of implementation.

Scrap metal dealers are also included in the policy, but for our purposes we focussed on the many self-employed taxi and private hire drivers.  It’s well worth listen to ensure you are ahead of the game!

About Johnny Munro and Bolt

Johnny is public policy manager at Bolt, and he has several years experience in public and regulatory affairs.  Bolt is the leading European transportation platform that’s focused on making urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable.  Impressively, Bolt is one of the fastest-growing startups in the world with over 50m passengers in 40+ countries, from Europe to Mexico to Africa.  The company’s app enables people to hail rides, rent cars, electric scooters and e-bikes, and order food delivery from their phones.

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