030 Help, I’m self-employed and can’t get a mortgage!

Help, I’m self-employed and can’t get a mortgage!  True?  Luckily not so much these days.  In this podcast episode we’re dispelling lots of mortgage myths with the brilliant Gareth Love, founder of Roots Finance Group, who amongst other things is an expert in contractor mortgages.  Join us to find out what is happening in the housing market currently, including:

  • Mortgage options for different types of self employment (freelancer vs sole trader vs limited company director vs contractor are all slightly different, and there are mortgages to suit);
  • Types of financial history and evidence you may need to demonstrate to lenders in order to obtain a mortgage;
  • How COVID-19 has impacted on mortgages and lending criteria;
  • Current trends in the housing market and what they mean for self-employed mortgages;
  • Top tips to get you mortgage ready and in the best position to achieve what you’re looking for.

It’s an action-packed episode full of practical help!  So if you’re self-employed and considering your mortgage options give this a quick listen before making any decisions.

About Gareth Love and Roots Finance Group

Roots Finance Group is a dynamic provider of specialist business insurances, IR35 status services and mortgages to contractors, freelancers and the self-employed.  The contractor market place is complex, and too many times mortgages are associated with boring men in suits talking at you.  Gareth and his team are challenging that misperception with a fresh, young, relatable brand.  They pride themselves on listening and they aim to make the mortgage customer journey enjoyable for everyone.

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