030 Should umbrellas be banned? We discuss the TUC’s recent proposal.

The TUC recently proposed that umbrella companies should be banned and published an accompanying report detailing their research and analysis of the umbrella sector.  Today we’re chatting with Matthew Creagh, TUC policy officer, about what led to their position and proposed ban.

Join us to find out more about:

  • What led to the TUC’s position that umbrellas should be banned;
  • Actions that could be taken to mitigate TUC member concerns;
  • Proliferation of tax avoidance schemes which exploit workers;
  • Broader context and the role of the wider recruitment sector;
  • Whether statutory regulation of the umbrella sector could be an answer.

It’s a wide ranging conversation covering the TUC’s and their members’ perspective on the umbrella sector, and the issues that need to be resolved.



Link to the TUC’s report on the umbrella sector:

Link to enforcement report that is mentioned in the discussion:


About Matthew Creagh and the TUC

Matthew Creagh is policy officer at the TUC with responsibility for employment rights and related issues.  Matthew has a law degree and a masters in labour law, plus some 15 years experience supporting worker rights and legal issues.  The TUC is a democratic organisation which brings together more than 5.5 million working people who make up their 48 member unions.

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