033 How To Ensure You Actually Get Paid!

Freelancing should never actually be free!  But sometimes it can be really difficult to ensure you actually get paid on time by your clients, which can then have a significant impact on your business and personal finances.  So we’re talking to Helen Arney who specialises in helping self-employed people and businesses get paid, and she shares with us key advice on how to ensure your invoice always gets paid.

Just a few key insights include:

  • Be clear about your payment expectations and get them agreed at the outset;
  • Don’t just issue an invoice and assume it will magically get paid!
  • Know your client’s process for authorising payments, particularly any timings you should adhere to;
  • Ensure your invoice adheres to the required format, i.e. avoid it heading into the “query” pile;
  • Remember, your main contact at the client business might not know all the details you need.

It turns out that there is a lot within your control that you can do in advance, before you’re even in a position of chasing payment!  We cover so much more than just this snapshot, so listen in to get lots of useful practical advice that really will help you get paid.

About Helen Arney

Having worked in the Insolvency industry for over 25 years, Helen saw the “dominoes effect” that a non-payer or a customer going bust had on businesses throughout the supply chain.  She wanted to help support business owners in avoiding non-payment, so Helen created her own business, HJA Business Solutions Limited, to do just that.  Through HJA she offers virtual credit control packages, debt recovery advice and Insolvency support and guidance.

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