038 Cyber Security Update With Francis West

Following our very popular previous episode on cyber-security, Francis West agreed to come back and give us an update.  Everything is constantly evolving within cyber-security, and as a self-employed business owner you can’t afford to leave this to chance – you must take steps to protect yourself otherwise the consequences can be devastating.

Every 19 seconds a UK company suffers a successful cyber attack.

It’s an alarming fact that 48% of people will not go back to a business that has suffered a cyber attack, so please join us to hear the latest scams.  We’re talking about:

  • Why just protecting your email is not enough;
  • Why you shouldn’t assume that your IT team are also cyber-security experts;
  • What happened to the Mum who was just minutes away from losing £1500 to her ‘son’ on WhatsApp;
  • The latest LinkedIn scam that is specifically targeting people who are new to their current job;
  • Two reasons why people get attacked (lack of education and lack of better systems);

This is an entertaining episode in which we take a light-hearted approach to a technical subject and make it easy to understand.

About Francis West

His mission is to educate and protect over 1m people from cyber security threats by 2023.  He’s been in the IT for many years, and with the huge increase in cyber security threats around the world, Francis now specialises in helping companies and individuals to protect their valuable data.  When Francis takes a rare day off from tackling cyber villains, you can find him working closely with Banks, Councils, Cyber Police, WCIT, speaking in the UK and internationally, or building projects from old pallets.

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