038 What Does True Inclusivity Look Like In Recruitment?

“Everyone wants to work, I don’t know anyone that wants to spend a life in poverty.”  In the first of a two-part special, we chat to Emma Freivogel of Radical Recruit about truly inclusive recruitment.  She works with radicals, people who have huge amounts to offer any employer but their background often means it is difficult to gain employment.  This is truly inspirational stuff, including:

  • Why “we are an equal opportunities employer” is nothing to be proud of;
  • Evidence of the unique skills and advantages that radicals can bring to employers;
  • The amazing success story that led to Emma setting up her business;
  • Why we all need to open our eyes and see beyond someone’s background.

If you think you’re inclusive, you need to listen to this to be challenged and make sure you really are!  In short, Emma has set out to prove that with the right support anyone can get a job they like and build a life they love.

About Emma Freivogel

Emma spent 17 years working with people who are largely under-represented in the labour market due to their protected characteristics and/or really tough backgrounds.  These are vulnerable people with so much to give, but are not given a chance.  Prior to Radical Recruit, Emma managed return to work services but found these were diluted down versions of what these people needed and deserved.  She also noticed that recruitment agencies often inaccessible to radical people, so she decided to challenge the status quo and bring about radical change.

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