040 Should Temps & Contractors Be Able To Choose Their Umbrella?

Temporary workers and contractors are often required to choose an umbrella from a preferred supplier list (PSL) operated by their recruitment agency.  Today we’re talking to Paul Sheraton, an IT contractor who recently launched an official petition aiming to allow workers the right to choose their own umbrella rather than be restricted by preferred supplier lists.  Also joining us is Martyn Valentine from The Law Place to give us his take from the legal perspective.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re discussing:

  • Paul’s experience of umbrellas in his many years as a contractor;
  • Impact of PSLs and reasons for launching the petition;
  • PSLs from the legal perspective;
  • Financial incentives underpinning some PSLs;
  • Legal considerations of such financial arrangements.

Of course there are many reasons why recruitment businesses have preferred supplier lists in the first place, which is the subject of our next podcast episode when we discuss the issue from their perspective.

About Paul Sheraton

Paul is a seasoned IT contractor with strong technical skills as well as strong interpersonal skills.  Many of his contracts have required Paul to use an umbrella so he  has considerable experience to share from his perspective. 

About Martyn Valentine

In 2010 Martyn launched The Law Place, a legal consultancy specialising in IR35, off-payroll, recruitment and employment law.  He provides legal services for limited company contractors, end-clients, accountants, recruiters and the construction industry.  Services offered include: IR35 Contract Reviews, IR35 advice, IR35 Limited Company Contractor Agreement, Reclaiming unlawfully deducted employment tax, Umbrella Contracts of Employment, employment law, contract law and general legal disputes.   

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