041 Why do recruitment agencies have lists of preferred umbrellas?

Temporary workers and contractors are often required to choose an umbrella from a preferred supplier list (PSL) operated by their recruitment agency.  Some workers feel this restricts their choice, however many recruitment firms operate PSLs that are in workers’ best interests.  We wanted to learn more about PSLs from the agency perspective so chatted to Bernie Payne, a compliance consultant who specialises in the recruitment sector.  We discuss:

  • Why agencies might want to have a preferred supplier list of umbrellas;
  • How, if implemented well, these PSLs can benefit workers;
  • What goes on behind the scenes when an agency implements a PSL properly;
  • How to tell if a PSL really is being implemented in your best interests.

There’s lots of really useful information in this episode, especially if you’re frustrated about having to choose from a list of umbrellas and wonder why the PSL exists at all.  We also cover red flags to look out for too!

About Bernie Payne

Bernie Payne is a proactive, commercially-focused professional with over 20 years’ expertise in legal, commercial, compliance and project management roles. She provides businesses with advice and support that reflects the ‘real world’ and has specialist expertise in recruitment.  You can find out more about Bernie here:     

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