Attitudes To Self-Employment Are Contributing To The Cost Of Living Crisis

Here in the UK we are currently (December 2022) experiencing a cost of living crisis which is almost certainly exacerbated by the recent pandemic.  Today we’re chatting to employment lawyer Cristian Ley about how attitudes towards self-employment have changed in recent years, the impact of politics, and how that is now impacting on the cost of living crisis.

We’re talking about:

  • What’s changed within big infrastructure projects that are so important to the economy;
  • The practical impact of IR35 and off-payroll working legislation;
  • Changes within supply chains;
  • Workforce changes;
  • The government’s direction of travel regarding self-employment.

This is a fascinating discussion about why self-employment is so important to the economy, what has changed recently, and why that affects us all.

About Cristian Ley

A solicitor who qualified in 2008, Cristian has spent the vast majority of his legal career focussing on employment status issues (under both tax and employment law).  He joined Guild Freelancing in 2010, and he is also Deputy MD at The Guild where he runs their legal function.


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