003: New ways of finding work, an interview with Lorna Davidson, CEO at Red WigWam

In today’s episode I am delighted to chat with Lorna Davidson, CEO at Red WigWam which in her words is the tinder of recruitment – using algorithms to connect and match workers and clients.  Join us for a discussion on finding new ways of working, in particular in relation to online platforms and the gig economy.

Hear about how people are using such platforms to try out new things, take control of how, where and when they work and ensure they have an ongoing stable income.  With lots of platforms to choose from, hear how you can ensure that yours is going to treat you properly and is compliant with legal requirements.  We also discuss media perceptions regarding the gig economy, whether it really is precarious and a means of exploitation, and importantly how you can make platform gigs work for you.

About Red Wig Wam

  • Cross between an agency and a gig platform, uses algorithms to connect (and best match) workers and clients.
  • Unlike most platforms, Red WigWam employs their workers, they get holiday pay, pension etc.
  • 140k wigwammers and 3500 clients.
  • WigWammers choose what work they want to do and when.
  • Wigwammers with the best ratings from clients get paid quickest.

About Lorna Davidson

  • Serial entrepreneur, background as a client (in retail and product sales, grocery market)
  • She was unimpressed with various field marketing agencies so launched her own!
  • She has recruited but not been a “recruiter”
  • Working principle – people drive success


Research report: Flexi and Flourishing


Facebook: redwigwam

Instagram: redwigwam

LinkedIn: Red WigWam

Twitter: @redwigwam

YouTube: Red WigWam

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