Online Marketplaces for Freelancers – The Inside Story

There has been an explosion of online marketplaces launching in recent years which connect freelancers to work opportunities, but there are considerable variations in how they work, and not always in the freelancers’ favour.  To get the inside story, we’re talking to Karl Swanepoel who launched his own marketplace after he experienced some of the issues.  He tells us:

  • Why it’s hard to get started on these freelance marketplaces, and how to overcome issues;
  • Why you should be looking for platforms which implement proper quality control measures;
  • How some platforms might actually limit your ability to grow your business;
  • Why clients need to change their perception of freelancers.

The culture of many freelance marketplaces is all about how clients can get work done for the cheapest price, which can quickly become a race to the bottom when pricing and pitching your services.  Listen in to find out how to avoid this happening to you!

About Karl Swanepoel

Karl is a former freelancer who started working for himself aged just 14, when he quickly discovered some of the shortcomings of traditional freelance work platforms.  This ultimately led him to set up Revolancer who’s mission statement is to create a brighter future for flexible work.  He is a 23 year old entrepreneur who is the youngest ever brand ambassador of The Business Show, Europe’s largest business conference.

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