006: What the heck is IR35 and why do I need to know about it? 2 of 2

In the second of our 2-part series, we chat to IR35 expert Dave Chaplin about what on earth actually is IR35, and why do self-employed people need to know about it.  This is another important episode as there are significant tax legislation changes due in April 2021 and if you are self-employed with your own limited company then you will definitely need to know about IR35.

Join us as Dave explains complex tax legislation in a way that is easy to understand, as we cover the factors that might indicate being “inside IR35” and the case law.  Discover the importance of personal service, mutuality of obligation, control and right of refusal.  We also discuss how you can prepare for the changes due in April 2021, and what the impact could be on you, and more importantly the potential impact on your finances.

The whole topic of IR35 is huge, so this is the second of two episodes on the subject.  The previous episode is more of an introduction, so if you don’t already know what IR35 actually is then you might want to listen to that first.


Slide pack of diagrams discussed during the episode

Dave Chaplin’s book can be found here

Contact information

Email: dave.chaplin@ir35shield.co.uk

Twitter: @IR35shield

Website: www.ir35shield.co.uk 

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