I’m a temporary worker, what are my rights?

Q & ACategory: QuestionsI’m a temporary worker, what are my rights?
Ian H asked 4 years ago
1 Answers
Julia Kermode Staff answered 4 years ago

As a temporary worker, your employment status is “worker” which brings with it certain statutory rights. Within UK law, there are two other employment statuses, “employee” and “self-employed” but neither of these are applicable if you are temporary. Worker status confers the right to 5.6 weeks paid holiday annually, national minimum wage, rest breaks, pension auto-enrolment after qualifying period, statutory sick pay after 3 months continuous work, and the right not to be discriminated against.

If your work is obtained through a recruitment business, then you are likely to be an “agency worker” which brings additional protections through the Agency Worker Regulations. This includes equal access to facilities provided to permanent employees from day 1, as well as access to information about vacancies at the business that is hiring you. In addition, after 12 weeks continual work you have the right to equal treatment as that given to permanent comparators, including equitable pay, holiday and rest breaks etc.

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