Our Opinion On Latest Umbrella Exposé

There has been another exposé of alleged poor practices taking place at an umbrella which has been accredited by an industry body.  Our founder, Julia Kermode, has considerable experience in umbrella compliance, and as such was being repeatedly asked for her view on the situation.  She therefore recorded the below short video:    

New Umbrella Accreditation Launches – FORTIFY!

In response to industry demand, specialist payroll auditor launches exciting new PayePass Fortify Umbrella Accreditation.  In the continued absence of government action to regulate the sector, there has been a proliferation of tax avoidance schemes in the umbrella industry. Alongside this non-compliant activity, other unethical behaviours – including skimming and the withholding of holiday pay – are […]

What is Umbrella Accreditation?

What is it? Accreditation is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘the action or process of officially recognising someone as having a particular status or being qualified to perform a particular activity’. At present, umbrella companies are not subject to any additional regulation other than that to which any other company and/or employer is subject, […]