Rolled Up Holiday Pay To Be Allowed!

IMPORTANT development that should stop umbrellas and agencies stealing your holiday pay! The government has issued it’s response to the recent consultation on holiday pay and confirms that rolled up holiday pay will be officially allowed from next year. This is important for umbrella and agency workers, some of whom have had holiday pay unfairly […]

Temps Will Be Entitled To Request More Stable Work

A new law will entitle all workers in the UK, including temporary agency workers, the right to request a more predictable working pattern.  This has been under discussion for some time, and the draft legislation has received Royal Assent, meaning that the King has agreed it will become an Act of Parliament (law) in due […]

MPs Must Not Overturn Ban On Agency Workers Replacing Those On Strike

The TUC has called on ministers to make a “clear commitment” they will not overturn the renewed ban on agency workers replacing those on strike. The call comes as the government’s strike-breaking agency worker regulations, which allowed agencies to supply employers with workers to fill in for those on strike, are quashed after the High […]

Government Will Not Appeal High Court Decision

It has been confirmed that the government will not appeal the High Court decision that using agency workers to cover for workers on strike is unlawful.  This means that last year’s rushed legislation change will revert back to the original version with effect from 10 August 2023.  After this date, temporary agency workers will not […]

High Court Rules Temporary Workers Can’t Cover Strikes

The High Court has quashed a legal change that ministers made last year that allowed recruitment agencies to supply temporary workers to cover those taking strike action.  This was a very short-lived piece of legislation rushed through last year, and has now been ruled “unlawful, unfair and irrational” by a high court judge. The decision […]

Temping Will Become A More Stable Way of Working

A new law will give temporary workers a right to request a more stable working pattern and control over the hours they are required to work.  The change will apply to all workers and employees, including temps, and is intended to tackle ‘one-sided flexibility’ where employers call the shots with last minute requirements to work. […]

HMRC Publish “Spotlight” Warning About Umbrellas

HMRC have issued a “spotlight” warning to agency workers and contractors, providing them with information about potential tax avoidance relating to using umbrellas.  (Spotlights are HMRC’s series of publications about potential tax avoidance.) In this latest edition, HMRC explain how some umbrellas benefit from operating disguised remuneration schemes and how these might increase your net […]

Harrods Set To Use New Temporary Worker Legislation

Harrods looks set to be the first UK business to take advantage of controversial new legislation by replacing their staff on strike with temporary agency workers.  The threat comes as around 150 staff ballot for strike action over ‘pay cut disguised as a rise’ A letter sent on 8th August to staff working in store […]

Legislation Approved To Allow Agency Workers To Cover Strikes

MPs last night approved controversial legislation that will allow temporary workers to cover for employees who are on strike.  Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps MP, proposed the change last month in response to rail  workers’ strikes and likelihood of largescale industrial action in other sectors this summer. Not only have the plans have been rushed through […]