Labour Party promises to end bogus self-employment

Angela Rayner, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party has reiterated their promise to strengthen worker rights and tackle bogus self-employment if they are elected later this year.  Their pledges include: Tackling bogus self-employment; Strengthening existing worker rights and protections for all; Banning zero-hours contracts; Ending “fire and rehire” tactics used by employers. New single status […]

If Elected Labour Will Ditch ‘Worker’ Employment Status

The electioneering has begun with the Labour Party publishing their New Deal for Working People green paper which outlines their plans for employment rights if they win the next election.  Interestingly, they plan to clamp down on false self-employment by ditching ‘worker’ employment status, which will leave us with two options for work – employed […]

Labour Party Waters Down Gig Economy Worker Pledge

The FT reported that “Labour has watered down plans to strengthen workers’ rights”, with rights for gig workers being one of the main sources of this dilution.  Labour’s national policy forum last month decided to get rid of the party’s 2021 pledge to create a single employee status, rather than the current system which has […]